The Garage Sale Jackpot!

 My toes are still wiggling every time I look at my latest garage sale find!  I picked up this piece on Mother's Day on our way home from church.  I had a workshop on Saturday with a group of lovely ladies, therefore had no time to get a garage sale 'fix' in.  I hadn't expected to come across any Garage Sales on Mother's Day...which is maybe why this piece was still sitting there at noon!
 The woman I bought this from said she had bought this and another stunning mirror (which she kept for herself and hangs in her hair studio) at an auction.  This mirror came from the 5 star Aerie Resort up on the Malahat.

This is a shot of the mirror before...the piece was quite yellow, although that doesn't show up in this photo, and yes I had already begun painting before I remembered to take a before picture. :)
First coat was Annie Sloan Paint in Country Grey, then Old White, clear wax, and a light touch of dark wax.


  1. Oooo-la-la! This IS a find. I love the way you've painted it, and brightened it up. Beautiful!!!

  2. What do you use to paint annie sloan's paint with? A brush or sponge brush? The finish looks so smooth with no brush marks. Is that because of the wax? I love it. You have beautiful pieces.

    1. Thank you! I use a brush made of natural boars hair bristles which leaves very little brush strokes, but the wax is an important last step to get this soft look.

  3. Totally smitten with your blog (and facebook page as well!) Lovely :)