Our Brushes

Specifically designed to work with Chalk Paint™ and Soft Wax:
  • These are genuine hair bristles, not synthetic. 
  • The ferrule is stainless steel which will not rust. 
  • Wooden handles, not plastic. 
  • Tips have been opened up to allow for greater paint load. 
  • Triple thick amount of bristles, again, carrying a good paint load.  Don't be stingy with the paint, it will save you labour.
  • Perfect length of bristle and perfect tension to give good spring to the brush so you can control paint layout. 
  • The one inch has been selected for detail work and to leave a sharp edge.  Try standing the brush right up on the edge (with pressure) of the bristles to get a clean cut line.
  • Take care of them, do not leave them sitting on the bristles in a jar of water overnight. Wash with warm soapy water, shake out excess water and reshape by hand. 
  • With proper care, your brushes will last for years. 
  • Every so often, condition the bristles with hair conditioner. (yes! Remember they are made of real hair)
  • The wax brushes have a thick bundle of bristles and they are long enough to provide flexibility but with enough tension to allow you to push the wax into the paint.
  • Keep your wax brush covered in plastic between use.
  • When you find there is build up in your wax brush, simply clean with a rag soaked in a small amount of low odor mineral spirits. 
Small Annie Brush - $34.95
Medium Annie Brush - $44.95
Large Annie Brush - $58.95

These Premium Wax Brushes are made of high quality white boar bristles and are excellent for applying wax to painted furniture.
Professionally made in the USA!

1.5" Wax brush - $29.95
Ultimate Wax brush - Out of stock

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