Old Violet

Like deep Parma violets or blue lavender it is a wonderful 18th century colour used for colouring the inside of furniture- like the lining of a jacket - or for using with as the base with Paris Grey on top and distressed. It is of course wonderful used as just on its own as here on this old desk.

An old desk from an Oxford college has
been painted using Old Violet mixed
in places with a little Burgundian Red so 
the finished colour is not flat and even. 
The edges of the drawers are Old White 
and the interior is painted in Emperor's 
This photograph by Christopher Drake is 
from 'Creating the French Look'

Photo displays work designed &
created by Annie Sloan

ADD OLD WHITE-to make 'Schinkel'
Add 2 parts of Old White to 1 part of Old Violet and you get a greyed taupe I have called after a great 18th century German architect called SCHINKEL

ADD MORE OLD WHITE - to make 'Colombe'

Add 8 parts of Old White to 1 part of Old Violet for a soft grey like the underbelly of a dove, so I called it in French, COLOMBE

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