Clear and Dark Soft Wax and Gilding Waxes

Clear Wax:

Our wax is the consistency of soft butter so is very easy to apply... a little goes a long way!  It  is completely colourless and has very little odour. It is water repellent so can be used on all furniture including dining room tables and kitchen cupboards.
We recommend, after allowing the paint to dry, apply a very thin coat of wax and then if you wish to distress, do so with 220 grit sand paper. Distressing after waxing results in a more organic look and leaves very little mess to clean up.  Remember, the wax is meant to absorb into the paint and not sit on top.  You can also colour to the wax with a little of our paint to make a coloured wax.

500ml tin  $35.95

Dark Wax:

To age and give texture to your paintwork apply the clear wax first then apply the dark wax. To wipe off any excess dark wax, use a little of the clear wax as it acts as an eraser.   When working with the dark wax,  work in small patches so as not to allow the wax to dry. This will make it easier to remove as much of the dark wax as you wish.
You can colour the dark wax to make it less brown by using a little of our paint in the wax. Use Old White to make white wax or a bit of Aubusson to make the wax almost black.
Apply with a brush or rag.

A little goes a long way.

500ml tin  $35.95

French Gilding Wax:

Adds sparkle to your projects with Renaissance Gold, Empire Gold, Silver and King Gold.

Mix them for a multitude of color variations!

                                                                  Renaissance Gold              Empire Gold

                                                                            Silver                                  King Gold

30 ml $32.95

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